I found this section a little more difficult as I really couldn’t find very many classroom blog’s for physical education or health.  As I searched for classroom blogs I ended up finding ones that I enjoyed reading and gave me many ideas on the benefits of blogging.

For my Elementary school blog I came across a blog for a kindergarten class, the blog was called “Mall-ard’s ‘Incredible’ Kindergarten Happenings 2011-2012”  (http://mallonmessages.blogspot.com/).  The name of the blog is based on the two teachers who created it.  I was drawn to this blog essentially because it was current and who wouldn’t want to learn about an incredible kindergarten class!  These two teachers are very creative and had lots of neat ideas.  I found that the main purpose of this blog was to share what the students in the class were doing and to allow family members to see pictures and read what is going on.  To the right of the blog were links to the students sight words, reading tips, and number worlds.   Here is a link that takes you to dropbox and has a document of the first set of sight words: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15513745/sight%20words/1%20Hundred%20sight%20words.pdf.  I would think this would be a great thing for parents to have in order to help their child learn the sight words.  One post that I really enjoyed reading was entitled “Turkish Cultures, Customs, and Cuisine” (http://mallonmessages.blogspot.com/2012/05/turkish-culture-customs-and-cuisine.html).   One of the students in the class had a very strong Turkish background and his mother came in and taught the class about Turkey, read a story in Turkish and brought authentic food in for the student s to try.  I feel that the purpose of this blog is to show family and friends what is going on in the kindergarten classroom; it highlights important events and activities that happen throughout the year.  This blog is a great way to communicate with parents.  I do think other teachers could get ideas from this blog, but I am not sure that is the purpose of it which could lead to some of the copyright issues we learned about in this module.


The blog I found for the Middle school category is called “Write Out Loud” and is a 6th grade English classes blog (http://writeoutloud.edublogs.org/).   There are a variety of things that are discussed on this blog and there are multiple contributors who vary in interests.  The main purpose of this blog is to have students in the 6th grade share their different writing pieces, from poetry to just general reflections on the world.  I think one of the best part of blogging is the bloggers can get feedback, ideas and converse with people from all over the word. There was one strand of blogs that I really enjoyed which were based on The Hunger Games (http://writeoutloud.edublogs.org/tag/the-hunger-games/).  I found this to be a neat way to get the students to look into the deeper meanings of the book and the specifics of events and even how they might play the game if they were in it. 



When I was searching for classroom blogs I found a high school biology teacher’s blog entitled “Extreme Biology” (http://missbakersbiologyclass.com/blog/2011/10/12/nature-scitable-bloggers-update/).  I have a certain interest in biology as to become a physical education teacher you have to take multiple science classes.  The brief summary they posted is that they blog about anything biology and accept guest bloggers. I clicked on the “Who is extreme biology” (http://missbakersbiologyclass.com/blog/about/) because I was interested in finding out who contributes to the blog and a little more about how the blog was started.  There a links to videos about why they blog and I think this is what I am the most interested in.  They are also open to questions about how blogging helps to learn about science.  I watched the “Why Blog” video which was created by students (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmVJRvjTecM).  I think that watching this video to hear about why students like blogging is beneficial to me as I create my own blog and consider creating a blog in the future for my physical education classes.  What a great way to learn about a topic – blogging!

I have enjoyed these blogs because of the wide variety of topics that are presented as well as how they are presented.  I think as a parent and a teacher it would be very rewarding to see students demonstrating what they have learned through blogging.  Sharing with my school examples of successful and creative blogs like the three that I have looked at would be a way to encourage them to try blogging.  The last two blogs really show students who are passionate about what they are learning through blogging.  One challenge that I find to make a P.E. classroom blog is that throughout the year P.E. teachers see so many different students and classes.  I think as a high school P.E. teacher part of their requirement for my course would be to create a blog post about something in fitness that really interests them – that could be a sport, a person, or even fad workouts.  I will continue to brainstorm ideas of how to incorporate blogging into P.E. 


I visited multiple educator blog’s but searched long and hard for ones that dealt with my field of “expertise.”  The first blog I found is entitled – “Mr. Robbo – The P.E. Geek” and can be found at www.thepegeek.com.  This blog is one that would be a great technology resource for me as a physical educator.  There are many posts (15) with apps for a P.E. teacher, most of which I never knew existed.  The first app that I found that I really liked was the Team Shake app that allows you to create teams randomly (http://thepegeek.com/2012/06/05/top-apps-for-pe-teachers-part-15/).  While working with my mentor teacher at the middle school I realized that a lot of thought gets put into making teams and this app seems like it would be beneficial to many P.E. teachers.    Another post I enjoyed reading was about classroom management (http://thepegeek.com/2012/05/28/behaviour-management-class-dojo-qr-codes/) there were great ideas there and my favorite was “Class Dojo.”  This is a place where you can give virtual rewards.  As I explored throughout this blog I found a post about a virtual guest speaker which instantly grabbed my attention (http://thepegeek.com/2008/09/12/my-first-virtual-guest-speaker/).  Using Skype, the students were able to listen to a dietician and based on his post, they were very excited about it.   It is amazing to think how little I know about the technology that is out there and how it could affect my future teaching.  I would be able to incorporate this blog into my classroom by getting ideas from it and then using them with my classes.  I could also give the link to my students because they may be able to find useful fitness app’s that they could use outside of school.  Overall, this blog is an amazing resource for me to get ideas for using technology in my classroom, it went above and beyond anything I have ever seen and I look forward to reading more of The P.E. Geeks ideas.

The next blog I stumbled across is called “Jonesy the Teacher” and can be found at http://jonesytheteacher.wordpress.com/.  I enjoyed this one for different reasons than the one above.  This blog is more of a reflection of being a physical educator and important topics that go along with teaching P.E.  The first post I read and enjoyed was one that discussed 21st Century physical education (http://jonesytheteacher.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/thoughts-on-21st-century-physical-education/).  I still hate to think about the stereotype that P.E. teachers just “roll the ball out.”  This post addressed the old form of teaching P.E. and how to keep up with the ever changing ideas in education.   Another post hit on the topic of assessment which also seems to be changing with the times (http://jonesytheteacher.wordpress.com/authentic-assessment-in-pe/) .  This area allows for teachers to share their assessment ideas.   I also found many more ideas for incorporating technologies into the classroom and multiple were similar to the previous blog I read.  I feel this blog could be used to help me to continue to be a reflective teacher.  It brings up many good points and ideas that could help me to grow. 


 The final blog I looked at is called “What’s got Mr. T Thinking” and can be found at http://trevally.wordpress.com/.  This was another blog put together by a P.E. teacher that has a variety of ideas and thoughts for teaching physical education.  http://trevally.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/tgfu-cricket-lesson/  this link led me to a video and discussion about what he calls “Teaching Games for Understanding.”  While doing my internship I learned about “Tactical Games” teaching which is similar in that you put students in small game situations and set up specific modifications to get them to learn game skills.  I also enjoyed learning about Cricket by reading this post and watching the video, it’s a game I don’t have much experience with.  There were many posts regarding Teaching Games for Understanding.  The next post I enjoyed reading on this blog was regarding expectations for both teachers and students (http://trevally.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/classroom-expectations-theirs-or-mine/).  In this post the teacher had students brainstorm ideas for their expectations in the class.   I enjoyed the reflection of the difference between teaching “stuff” and helping students to learn. 

Overall the first two blogs had something in common that the main thing they did was to give technology ideas for physical education teachers.  Since there is currently no specific course in technology for teachers in my field I think that this could be very beneficial in helping me to include technology into my classroom.  The final blog was a place I could go to read ideas and reflections of a teacher.  Utilizing technology and reflection is a great way to grow professionally; I could also collaborate with these teachers by posting questions and ideas.   I think that the best way to show teachers the benefits of b logging would be by using ideas that I get from a blog or by effectively using a blog in my classroom.  I think that sharing blogs with the media specialist so that he/she has access to them if a student has a question is a way to get them involved in blogging use.  There are so many people out there with good ideas (including me) and blogging seems to be a great way to share those ideas.

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Jamie Unger and I am currently studying to become a Physical Education teacher.  I plan to use this blog as a tool to grow professionally. Hope you enjoy!