Designing Digital Learning Experiences Reflection

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

I feel like I have learned so many different technology tools throughout this course and implementing this into a lesson helped me to pick a few of the tools that I have learned that will be most effective in helping my teaching in the P.E. discipline.  After we used the Wiki for our group projects I still wasn’t sure exactly how I could use it in my classroom.  Upon completion of the project I feel I have a better grasp on Wiki’s and how they can help me to reach and engage my students.  I used the tools of DIIGO, Google Docs, Empressr and Wikispaces while creating my lesson.  I felt that this lesson directly relates to Standard #2 in NETS-T as I designed and developed both digital age learning experiences and assessments.   I also met NETS-T Standard #1 as I gave students a project where they could demonstrate their creativity as the produced a Digital Story to express what they had learned.

I had an “Ah-ha” moment while creating this final project.  I didn’t just use technology because that was the assignment, I used technology because it enhanced learning.  The technology I used would give students the opportunity to grow and learn and become 21st century learners.  It allows students to have a base knowledge and then take it beyond that level and produce and express.  This shows me that I can effectively use technology in my classroom – even if it is a gym – to increase learning.


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