Learning Log – Wikis

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Below I have chosen five physical education wikis that will support teaching/learning in my classroom:

P.E. Resources Wiki – http://pe-resources.wikispaces.com/home

This wiki was originally created as a resource for physical education students, but a number of physical educators began to use it as a resource for their lessons and other course documents.  In this wiki you can find many helpful documents that physical educators have created and used in their classrooms.  I would use the activities and exam papers to support my teaching in a high school phys. ed. class.

Physical-Ed Wiki – http://physical-ed.wikispaces.com/

This wiki is designed for students in a high level P.E. class.  There are a number of resources available on this wiki that can be used by educators.  There are power point presentations on training, performance, anaerobic/aerobic exercise, fitness testing, and more.  I would use this wiki to gather information on training principles, skills & techniques, and game strategy.

CofEPE Wiki – http://cofepe.wikispaces.com/

This wiki contains numerous documents, lesson plans, assessments, and evaluation tools for physical educators.  You can find documents from a variety of schools’ physical education programs.  In this wiki you can find resources that can be used to supplement your existing lessons or help you create new lessons.

The Online Physical Education Textbook –http://theonlinepetextbook.wikispaces.com/Home

This wiki has a variety of ideas that you can use during some of your P.E. units.  The goal of this wiki is to have all of the users contribute their own ideas for the specified unit to create the ultimate P.E. textbook.  Within the units you can find rules, diagrams, terminology, skills, and videos.  I can gather tried and tested ideas from other physical educators to make adjustments to my lessons so that I can better reach the students.

BPS Physical Education Program Wiki – http://moorepe4u.wikispaces.com/Home

This wiki contains everything from the P.E. Rules and Discipline System to suggested summer activities and information on nutrition.  There are videos to demonstrate different games and activities that students are encouraged to participate in.  I would use this wiki as a resource for my P.E. course documents like the classroom rules & procedures and the discipline system.


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