Learning Log – iGoogle

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

iGoogle gives users the ability to create their own personalized homepage.  You can customize your page with a variety of gadgets which allow you to keep updated with all of your social networking tools in one place.  iGoogle will help my teaching/learning by making it easier for me to access and organize information that will aid in my professional development.  With the Google Docs gadget I will be able to view and share documents with parents, students, and other educators.  Communication is much easier with the e-mail and social networking features on iGoogle because you are able to view multiple social media and e-mails outlets at once.  As a physical educator I will be using the weather gadget frequently to plan the lessons for the week based on the forecast.  I feel that iGoogle would be a tool that my teaching/learning would benefit from, but unfortunately I have read that Google is retiring iGoogle in November 2013.  I will search for a similar program to iGoogle that will help with my organization and communication as an educator.

Below is a screenshot of my iGoogle page



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