P.E. Apps, Cricket, and the 21st Century

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

I visited multiple educator blog’s but searched long and hard for ones that dealt with my field of “expertise.”  The first blog I found is entitled – “Mr. Robbo – The P.E. Geek” and can be found at www.thepegeek.com.  This blog is one that would be a great technology resource for me as a physical educator.  There are many posts (15) with apps for a P.E. teacher, most of which I never knew existed.  The first app that I found that I really liked was the Team Shake app that allows you to create teams randomly (http://thepegeek.com/2012/06/05/top-apps-for-pe-teachers-part-15/).  While working with my mentor teacher at the middle school I realized that a lot of thought gets put into making teams and this app seems like it would be beneficial to many P.E. teachers.    Another post I enjoyed reading was about classroom management (http://thepegeek.com/2012/05/28/behaviour-management-class-dojo-qr-codes/) there were great ideas there and my favorite was “Class Dojo.”  This is a place where you can give virtual rewards.  As I explored throughout this blog I found a post about a virtual guest speaker which instantly grabbed my attention (http://thepegeek.com/2008/09/12/my-first-virtual-guest-speaker/).  Using Skype, the students were able to listen to a dietician and based on his post, they were very excited about it.   It is amazing to think how little I know about the technology that is out there and how it could affect my future teaching.  I would be able to incorporate this blog into my classroom by getting ideas from it and then using them with my classes.  I could also give the link to my students because they may be able to find useful fitness app’s that they could use outside of school.  Overall, this blog is an amazing resource for me to get ideas for using technology in my classroom, it went above and beyond anything I have ever seen and I look forward to reading more of The P.E. Geeks ideas.

The next blog I stumbled across is called “Jonesy the Teacher” and can be found at http://jonesytheteacher.wordpress.com/.  I enjoyed this one for different reasons than the one above.  This blog is more of a reflection of being a physical educator and important topics that go along with teaching P.E.  The first post I read and enjoyed was one that discussed 21st Century physical education (http://jonesytheteacher.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/thoughts-on-21st-century-physical-education/).  I still hate to think about the stereotype that P.E. teachers just “roll the ball out.”  This post addressed the old form of teaching P.E. and how to keep up with the ever changing ideas in education.   Another post hit on the topic of assessment which also seems to be changing with the times (http://jonesytheteacher.wordpress.com/authentic-assessment-in-pe/) .  This area allows for teachers to share their assessment ideas.   I also found many more ideas for incorporating technologies into the classroom and multiple were similar to the previous blog I read.  I feel this blog could be used to help me to continue to be a reflective teacher.  It brings up many good points and ideas that could help me to grow. 


 The final blog I looked at is called “What’s got Mr. T Thinking” and can be found at http://trevally.wordpress.com/.  This was another blog put together by a P.E. teacher that has a variety of ideas and thoughts for teaching physical education.  http://trevally.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/tgfu-cricket-lesson/  this link led me to a video and discussion about what he calls “Teaching Games for Understanding.”  While doing my internship I learned about “Tactical Games” teaching which is similar in that you put students in small game situations and set up specific modifications to get them to learn game skills.  I also enjoyed learning about Cricket by reading this post and watching the video, it’s a game I don’t have much experience with.  There were many posts regarding Teaching Games for Understanding.  The next post I enjoyed reading on this blog was regarding expectations for both teachers and students (http://trevally.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/classroom-expectations-theirs-or-mine/).  In this post the teacher had students brainstorm ideas for their expectations in the class.   I enjoyed the reflection of the difference between teaching “stuff” and helping students to learn. 

Overall the first two blogs had something in common that the main thing they did was to give technology ideas for physical education teachers.  Since there is currently no specific course in technology for teachers in my field I think that this could be very beneficial in helping me to include technology into my classroom.  The final blog was a place I could go to read ideas and reflections of a teacher.  Utilizing technology and reflection is a great way to grow professionally; I could also collaborate with these teachers by posting questions and ideas.   I think that the best way to show teachers the benefits of b logging would be by using ideas that I get from a blog or by effectively using a blog in my classroom.  I think that sharing blogs with the media specialist so that he/she has access to them if a student has a question is a way to get them involved in blogging use.  There are so many people out there with good ideas (including me) and blogging seems to be a great way to share those ideas.

  1. balddave says:

    Loved the fact that you and I both found PE Geek site and posted about it. I also found the PE Geek really helpful and a great resource for looking for the intersection of tech and PE. I looked at that Team Shake up one a bit more closely, and it looks like once you set it up it really could be helpful in selecting teams. I agree, creating teams more thought out than I ever thought it was.
    The Mr. T blog did not look like it had been updated since Feb, but I really like the most recent post from Feb 12 about Classroom expectations, http://trevally.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/classroom-expectations-theirs-or-mine/, I always need to remind myself when working with kids about keeping my expectations reasonable and clear (this is mostly for me to remember to keep them reasonable).
    Good find on these blogs.

  2. jonesytheteacher says:

    Hi, I’m glad you found my blog informative. Good luck with both your PE and blogging journeys 🙂 Jonesy

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