I feel like I have learned so many different technology tools throughout this course and implementing this into a lesson helped me to pick a few of the tools that I have learned that will be most effective in helping my teaching in the P.E. discipline.  After we used the Wiki for our group projects I still wasn’t sure exactly how I could use it in my classroom.  Upon completion of the project I feel I have a better grasp on Wiki’s and how they can help me to reach and engage my students.  I used the tools of DIIGO, Google Docs, Empressr and Wikispaces while creating my lesson.  I felt that this lesson directly relates to Standard #2 in NETS-T as I designed and developed both digital age learning experiences and assessments.   I also met NETS-T Standard #1 as I gave students a project where they could demonstrate their creativity as the produced a Digital Story to express what they had learned.

I had an “Ah-ha” moment while creating this final project.  I didn’t just use technology because that was the assignment, I used technology because it enhanced learning.  The technology I used would give students the opportunity to grow and learn and become 21st century learners.  It allows students to have a base knowledge and then take it beyond that level and produce and express.  This shows me that I can effectively use technology in my classroom – even if it is a gym – to increase learning.


Learning Log – Wikis

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Below I have chosen five physical education wikis that will support teaching/learning in my classroom:

P.E. Resources Wiki – http://pe-resources.wikispaces.com/home

This wiki was originally created as a resource for physical education students, but a number of physical educators began to use it as a resource for their lessons and other course documents.  In this wiki you can find many helpful documents that physical educators have created and used in their classrooms.  I would use the activities and exam papers to support my teaching in a high school phys. ed. class.

Physical-Ed Wiki – http://physical-ed.wikispaces.com/

This wiki is designed for students in a high level P.E. class.  There are a number of resources available on this wiki that can be used by educators.  There are power point presentations on training, performance, anaerobic/aerobic exercise, fitness testing, and more.  I would use this wiki to gather information on training principles, skills & techniques, and game strategy.

CofEPE Wiki – http://cofepe.wikispaces.com/

This wiki contains numerous documents, lesson plans, assessments, and evaluation tools for physical educators.  You can find documents from a variety of schools’ physical education programs.  In this wiki you can find resources that can be used to supplement your existing lessons or help you create new lessons.

The Online Physical Education Textbook –http://theonlinepetextbook.wikispaces.com/Home

This wiki has a variety of ideas that you can use during some of your P.E. units.  The goal of this wiki is to have all of the users contribute their own ideas for the specified unit to create the ultimate P.E. textbook.  Within the units you can find rules, diagrams, terminology, skills, and videos.  I can gather tried and tested ideas from other physical educators to make adjustments to my lessons so that I can better reach the students.

BPS Physical Education Program Wiki – http://moorepe4u.wikispaces.com/Home

This wiki contains everything from the P.E. Rules and Discipline System to suggested summer activities and information on nutrition.  There are videos to demonstrate different games and activities that students are encouraged to participate in.  I would use this wiki as a resource for my P.E. course documents like the classroom rules & procedures and the discipline system.

I have created a Voicethread to share with you the uses of a few social networking tools in education.  Those tools are Blogs, Twitter, and Google Docs.  I could use this specific presentation to share with my school the educational values of social networking.

The Voicethread tool can be used in a variety of ways in the educational setting.  Teachers can use Voicethread to create a slideshow that can include images, text, and videos and can be shared around the world.  Students could watch a video on Voicethread and then leave a comment and have a class discussion.  One idea that I had for P.E specific would be to upload photos of a skill being performed in a sequence and have students comment on what each step is and how it affects the end product.  A great feature of this tools is that if offers five different ways you can comment on a thread.  Voicethread can also be used as a way to update students who have missed time at school or are on a home schooling program.



Learning Log – iGoogle

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iGoogle gives users the ability to create their own personalized homepage.  You can customize your page with a variety of gadgets which allow you to keep updated with all of your social networking tools in one place.  iGoogle will help my teaching/learning by making it easier for me to access and organize information that will aid in my professional development.  With the Google Docs gadget I will be able to view and share documents with parents, students, and other educators.  Communication is much easier with the e-mail and social networking features on iGoogle because you are able to view multiple social media and e-mails outlets at once.  As a physical educator I will be using the weather gadget frequently to plan the lessons for the week based on the forecast.  I feel that iGoogle would be a tool that my teaching/learning would benefit from, but unfortunately I have read that Google is retiring iGoogle in November 2013.  I will search for a similar program to iGoogle that will help with my organization and communication as an educator.

Below is a screenshot of my iGoogle page


The Power Clean:  http://www.empressr.com/View.aspx?token=KlKl7xYNaaM%3d

I decided to create a digital story that I will be able to use in the future as a physical educator. I used Empressr to create my digital story. I would use this digital story if teaching weight training at the high school level. The purpose of this production is to educate phys. ed. students on the proper technique of the power clean exercise. Weight training with improper technique can lead to injury, especially with a demanding lift like the power clean. When I introduce the students to the power clean I will first show this production, as well as asking an experienced student to demonstrate the movement. Then I plan to have the class work together in pairs as they critique one another’s power clean technique. The students will be able to refer back to the production throughout the class to aid in their learning.

Flickr Slideshow

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I decided to photograph myself in a step by step process of how to throw a football.  I felt this could be used in a variety of different ways in my instruction as well as a tool for assessment.  This falls under Standard 1 of the Voluntary State Curriculum (VSC) for Physical Education.  Standard 1 is: Skillfulness – Students will demonstrate the ability to enhance their performance of a variety of physical skills by developing fundamental movement skills, creating original skill combinations, combining skills effectively in skill themes, and applying skills.  The skill that I speak of is the football throw.  By using this Flickr slideshow combined with direct instruction and verbal cues I will be able to teach the students the important steps to throwing a football. 

 It also could fall under VSC Standard #3 for Secondary P.E. – Motor Learning Principles B. Corrective Feedback 1. Justify the importance of self-evaluation and feedback in the improvement of motor skills. a. Create, perform, and evaluate a practice plan for skill improvement based on a checklist developed from an evaluation by self or peers.  Students could use a Flickr slideshow as a form of assessment.  Students could take pictures of a peer then watch the slideshow and use a checklist to assess the student’s ability to follow the proper steps of the skill. 

Using Flickr could also help me meet the NETS standards.  I feel that my ideas above could help me meet teacher Standard 1 – Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity by having students collaborate with each other, reflect, and engage in assessment strategies.  I would also be meeting Standard 2 – Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments by using the Flickr slideshow tool in the ways that I listed above.

Flickr Gallery – Nutrition

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I had a hard time deciding how to use Flickr for my discipline but decided that I could use Flickr more effectively in the Health classroom.  The Food Guide Pyramid is one that seems to be ever-changing. I included a picture of the most recent pyramid and then also the new “food plate.”  I also included pictures of food items that would be found in each of the food groups.  They can use this Flickr gallery to see appropriate portions for the day and examples of foods that fall into different categories.